Montrealers take pride in being different from the rest of Canada. Sometimes these differences manifest in their unique music and food culture and sometimes they take the form of a distinct moving culture. It is estimated that over 200,000 people move every year in Montreal.

Every summer, old leases expire and new leases begin while the streets of Montreal fill up with sweaty people, bulky vans, pick-up trucks, and fully-loaded bicycles as citizens swap out the old for the new.

The ritual of the July 1 move has been romanticized in books and films. We joke about it in the same way that we joke about our ubiquitous potholes and orange cones, inconveniences that are just an inevitable part of living here, one of those things that makes us different. 

So get your four-way-hazard lights ready, in this blog we offer the best tips to make your Moving Day as easy as possible. Make sure to choose a reputable Montreal moving company for your next move

tips for packing fragile items

Good Montreal movers set a new standard for professional moving services in Montreal, and we strive to provide top-quality services that are unmatched in the industry.

tips on finding the best moving company in montreal

Make sure your mover has friendly staff goes the extra mile to make sure your Montreal move stays within quoted budget for a stress-free and affordable moving experience.

making sure your mover is licensed and insured

Make sure your mover is fully licensed by Transport Quebec, and insured in case of any damages to your property or the inside of your home.

Ways to Reduce Stress During Your Move

Ways to Reduce Stress During Your Move

Ways to Reduce Stress During Your Move Whether you’ve decided to accept a new job offer in another city, found the perfect apartment, or finally closed on the home of your dreams, a fresh start is always exciting. Packing all your belongings into boxes and lugging it all to a new home? Not so much. We get it. Moving in Montreal can be crazy and stressful but there are ways to survive the process without aging yourself prematurely. Here are ways to manage your stress before, during, and after...

Why Move to Laval

Why Move to Laval

 Montreal makes a lot of noise about itself but its sister city Laval is quietly making some major ground as an interesting place to live a better life. Choosing to move to Laval with your family is obviously the possibility of affording a house in the suburbs of Montreal. Of course, if you prefer to rent a large apartment, you can certainly find your happiness around $ 1200 per month in rent. But for the same price, you could have a small family home. If your dream of becoming a homeowner...

How to Choose a Good Montreal Moving Company

How to Choose a Good Montreal Moving Company

Since the Moving Industry in Quebec is not regulated by the provincial government, that means that just about anyone with a pair of hands and van can become a mover. The issue the consumer has is finding a reputable Montreal moving company you can trust. Selecting a mover on the Internet is very risky as anyone can have a great website and look professional. Plan Ahead The biggest mistake consumers make is not planning their move ahead or taking the time to properly check reviews of Montreal...