Since the Moving Industry in Quebec is not regulated by the provincial government, that means that just about anyone with a pair of hands and van can become a mover. The issue the consumer has is finding a reputable Montreal moving company you can trust. Selecting a mover on the Internet is very risky as anyone can have a great website and look professional.

Plan Ahead

The biggest mistake consumers make is not planning their move ahead or taking the time to properly check reviews of Montreal Moving companies. When choosing a moving company, it is recommended to request at least 2 or 3 quotes in writing.

Stay in Contact

It is important to stay in contact with the moving company at least a week before the moving date to ensure they will arrive on time on your moving day.

Check for Insurance

Ask about insurance or coverage for damaged or lost items. Most moving companies in Montreal do not provide replacement value and you may have to buy extra coverage from your insurer. Also check with your own insurance company on coverage in your policy.

Clarify pricing in advance

You should also clarify how the company charges for the move. Long-distance moves are based on weight and mileage, while a local move is based on an hourly rate.

Watch out for red flags

Keep an eye out for red flags during the estimate. For example, most reputable moving companies won’t ask for a cash deposit before you move. Most good Montreal movers will take a deposit by credit card only. Also, during the estimate, note how professional or unprofessional the movers seem. If they show up late, seem unsure of their abilities, or can’t answer your questions, look for another company.

Verify Their Address

Ask for a business card or pull up the mover’s website and then look up the listed address online or through the phonebook. Make sure the moving company’s address is listed and registered under the company names. Be wary of any address listed under a residential address.