Montreal makes a lot of noise about itself but its sister city Laval is quietly making some major ground as an interesting place to live a better life.

Choosing to move to Laval with your family is obviously the possibility of affording a house in the suburbs of Montreal. Of course, if you prefer to rent a large apartment, you can certainly find your happiness around $ 1200 per month in rent. But for the same price, you could have a small family home. If your dream of becoming a homeowner motivates your move to Laval, then you will have to be able to spend at least $ 300,000 to have a nice house (depending on the neighborhood). Of course, having a house in Laval means offering yourself the possibility of having a small plot of land where you could grow your vegetable garden, install a small swimming pool and above all, please your pets who may be feeling cramped in town!

Some bad tongues will say that moving to Laval is going to a suburb far from everything. But this is absolutely not true. It is certain that living in Laval is easier if you have a car because it will be faster to get where you want, whether in Montreal or elsewhere. But all the same, the bus lines are generally efficient and lead easily to one of the three metro stations of the orange line, which directly reach the city center. Also, Laval is much more than a dormitory suburb, and you can find everything you need for your daily groceries, shopping, and even many family activities.

Moving to Laval means having the opportunity to do many family activities without going far. Beyond the possibilities of going out to restaurants and shopping, the City of Laval has, for example, the Centropolis with activities like cinema, mini-golf or even the simulation of free fall at Skyventure! The most erudite will prefer the Cosmodôme to have their heads in the stars. Then if you want to relax after a long move, you can take a stroll at the Nature Center or even go horse riding on one of the city’s horse farms. There is something for every taste!

   Here’s a list of reasons why the old also-ran has become a place you can no longer overlook as a location to live.

  1. It’s Canada’s 13th largest city and its growth rate of 8 percent between 1996 and 2011 is higher than Montreal’s and is the sixth-highest of those 13 cities, real estate values tend to rise faster in quicker-growing cities.
  2. Condos cost something like $100,000 less than they might in Montreal, with places near the fast-growing Montmorency metro station area costing as little as $190,000. When the vacancy rates tighten up those prices will shoot right up. 
  3. Bridges are short, highways and roads are wide, with the 13 and 15 make getting into the city a breeze. 
  4. Metros go downtown Montreal along the main orange line, no changing at Berri required.
  5. It’s a paradise for those with cars. Having a family just became a ton easier. Meanwhile, Montreal is yanking out parking and closing ramps with the idea of forcing people onto public transit. 
  6. It’s clean, new, growing, blooming. Not all the island is a hotspot but culturally-speaking it’s no worse than many other parts of Montreal
  7. The Montreal Canadiens team moved to train there
  8. It still has wild-west opportunities where things can grow and thrive and has attractions ranging from family-friendly Cosmodome, Centropolis, baseball batting cages to strip clubs and nightlife hot spots.
  9. Still loads of green space and nature parks